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Public Works Code
The San Francisco Codes
Preface To The Public Works Code
Article 1. General Requirements
Article 2. Public Contract Procedure
Article 2.1. Permit Fees And Occupancy Assessments
Article 2.3. Hunters Point Shipyard
Article 2.4. Excavation In The Public Right-Of-Way
Article 3. Regulations In Regard To Working Conditions
Article 4. Sewers
Article 4.1. Industrial Waste
Article 4.2. Sewer System Management
Article 4.3. Sewers
Article 5. Street Flower Markets
Article 5.1. Anti-Litter Receptacles
Article 5.2. Tables And Chairs In Public Sidewalk Or Roadway Areas
Article 5.3. Display Of Fruits And Vegetables Or Nonfood Merchandise On Public Sidewalks
Article 5.4. Regulation Of Newsracks
Article 5.5. Distribution Of Free Sample Merchandise On Public Property
Article 5.6. Posting Of Signs On City-Owned Lamp Posts Or Utility Poles
Article 5.7. Handbill Distribution On Private Premises; Display Of Banners
Article 5.8. Permit Regulations For Mobile Food Facilities Concerning Products For Human Consumption
Article 6. Street Improvement Procedure
Article 6.1. Improvement Procedure Code
Article 7. Maintenance Districts
Article 9. Unaccepted Streets
Article 11. Spur Tracks
Article 13. Engineering Inspection
Article 14. Underground Pipes, Wires And Conduits
Article 15. Miscellaneous
Article 16. Urban Forestry Ordinance
Article 16.1. Tree Dispute Resolution
Article 17. Control Of Dumps Disposing Of Materials From Construction Or Demolition
Article 18. Utility Facilities
Article 19. Public Telephone Booths On Public Sidewalks
Article 20. Repealed
Article 21. Restriction Of Use Of Potable Water For Soil Compaction And Dust Control Activities
Article 22. Reclaimed Water Use
Article 24. Shopping Carts
Article 25. Personal Wireless Service Facilities
Article 26*. Illegal Dumping
Article 27. Surface-Mounted Facilities
References to Ordinances
Ordinances Affecting the Public Works Code
New Ordinances