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Police Code
The San Francisco Codes
Preface To The Police Code
Article 1. Public Nuisances
Article 1.1. Regulating The Use Of Vehicles For Human Habitation
Article 1.2. Discrimination In Housing Against Families With Minor Children
Article 1.3. Temporary Moratorium On Rental Increases Rent Rollback Based Upon April 15, 1979, Rental Rates And Refunding Any Rent Increases
Article 1.5. Display Of Life And Property Conservation Decals
Article 2. Disorderly Conduct
Article 3. Games Of Chance
Article 4. Parades
Article 4.5. Funeral Procession Escorts
Article 5. Offensive Powders
Article 6. Fraud And Deceit
Article 7. Animals And Birds
Article 7.1. Horse-Drawn Vehicles
Article 8. Minors
Article 9. Miscellaneous Conduct Regulations
Article 9.5. Prohibiting Of Professional Strikebreakers
Article 9.6. Regulations For Solicitation For Charitable Purposes
Article 10. Regulations For Advertising
Article 10.1. Regulating Exposure Of Photographs, Cartoons Or Drawings On Newsracks
Article 10.2. Regulation Of Computer Rental Businesses
Article 11. Regulations For Amusements
Article 11.1. Commercial Display Of Dead Human Bodies
Article 11.2. Regulations For Adult Theaters And Adult Bookstores Permit And License Provisions
Article 12. Regulations For Automobiles
Article 13. Miscellaneous Regulations For Professions And Trades
Article 13.1. Junk Dealers - Permit And Regulation
Article 14. Licenses For Advertising
Article 15. Licenses For Amusements
Article 15.1. Entertainment Regulations Permit And License Provisions
Article 15.2. Entertainment Regulations For Extended-Hours Premises
Article 15.3. Prohibiting Nude Performers, Waiters And Waitresses
Article 15.4. Encounter Studios
Article 15.5. Nude Models In Public Photography Studios
Article 15.6. Escort Services
Article 15.7. Event Promoters
Article 16. Regulations For Motor Vehicles For Hire*
Article 17. Miscellaneous License Regulations
Article 17.1. Regulations For Fortunetelling; Permit And License Provisions
Article 18. San Francisco Police Pistol Range
Article 19. Disposal Of Unclaimed Property
Article 20. Reproducing And Furnishing Reports
Article 22. Citations For Violations Of Certain Provisions Of The Health Code And Police Code
Article 23. Regulations For Port Area
Article 24. Regulating Street Artists*
Article 25. Regulations For Private Protection And Security Services*
Article 26. Regulations For Public Bath Houses
Article 27. Regulations For Mortgage Modification Consultants
Article 28. Regulations For Pawnbrokers Permit And License Provisions
Article 29. Regulation Of Noise
Article 30. Permits For Tow Car Drivers
Article 30.1. Permits For Tow Car Firms
Article 31. Regulations For Temporary Heliports And Permit Provisions
Article 32. Regulations For Conducting Bingo Games
Article 32A. Regulations For Conducting Poker Games
Article 33. Prohibiting Discrimination Based On Race, Color, Ancestry, National Origin, Place Of Birth, Sex, Age, Religion, Creed, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Weight, Or Height
Article 33A. Prohibition Of Employer Interference With Employee Relationships And Activities And Regulations Of Employer Drug Testing Of Employees
Article 33B. Prohibition Against Discrimination By Clubs Or Organizations Which Are Not Distinctly Private
Article 33C. Displaced Worker Protection
Article 33D. Grocery Worker Retention
Article 34. Regulations For Photographers - Permit And License Provisions
Article 35. Firearm Strict Liability Act
Article 36. Prohibiting The Carrying Of A Firearm While Under The Influence Of An Alcoholic Beverage Or Drug, Or Possession Of A Firearm While Upon Public Premises Selling Or Serving Alcoholic Beverages
Article 36A. Sale, Manufacture And Distribution Of Firearms And Ammunition; Possession Of Handguns
Article 37. Police Emergency Alarm Ordinance
Article 38. Prohibiting Discrimination On The Basis Of Aids And Associated Conditions
Article 39. Pedicabs
Article 40. Drug Free Workplace Ordinance
Article 41. Prohibiting The Sale Or Possession Of Replica Hypodermic Needles Or Syringes
Article 42. Sale And Display Of Aerosol Paint Containers And Marker Pens
Article 42A. Color Tires
Article 42B. Mercury Thermometers
Article 42D. Sale And Display Of Products Containing Hydrofluoric Acid
Article 43. Access To Reproductive Health Care Facilities
Article 44. Closed Captions Activation Requirement Ordinance
Article 45. Firearms And Weapons Violence Prevention Ordinance
Article 46. Prohibiting Self-Service Merchandising Of Tobacco Products Except In Places To Which Minors Have No Access
Article 47. Personal Watercraft
Article 48. Laser Pointers
Article 49. Procedures For Considering Arrests And Convictions And Related Information In Employment And Housing Decisions
References to Ordinances
Ordinances Affecting the Police Code
New Ordinances