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Health Code
The San Francisco Codes
Preface To The Health Code
Article 1. Animals
Article 1A. Animal Sacrifice
Article 2. Communicable Diseases
Article 3. Hospitals
Article 4. Deceased Persons
Article 5. Public Health - General
Article 6. Garbage And Refuse
Article 7. Laundries
Article 8. Food And Food Products
Article 9. Dairy And Milk Code
Article 10. Meat And Meat Products
Article 11. Nuisances
Article 11A. Bed Bug Infestation Prevention, Treatment, Disclosure, And Reporting
Article 12. Sanitation - General
Article 12A. Backflow Prevention
Article 12B. Soil Boring And Well Regulations
Article 12C. Alternate Water Sources For Non-Potable Applications
Article 14. Ambulances And Routine Medical Transport Vehicles
Article 15. Public Swimming Pools
Article 16. Regulating The Use Of 'Economic Poisons'
Article 17. Disposal Of Unclaimed Personal Property At San Francisco General Hospital
Article 18. Providing For Issuance Of Citations To Violators
Article 19. Smoking Pollution Control
Article 19A. Regulating Smoking In Eating Establishments [Suspended]
Article 19B. Regulating Smoking In Shared Office Workplace [Suspended]
Article 19C. Regulating Smoking In Public Places And In Health, Educational And Child Care Facilities [Suspended]
Article 19D. Prohibiting Cigarette Vending Machines
Article 19E. Prohibiting Smoking In Places Of Employment And Certain Sports Arenas [Suspended]
Article 19F. Prohibiting Smoking In Enclosed Areas, Certain Unenclosed Areas, And Sports Stadiums
Article 19G. Enforcement Of Smoking Prohibitions
Article 19H. Permits For The Sale Of Tobacco
Article 19I. Prohibiting Smoking In City Park And Recreational Areas And Farmers' Markets
Article 19J. Prohibiting Pharmacies From Selling Tobacco Products
Article 19K. Prohibiting Sales Of Tobacco Products On Property Owned By Or Under The Control Of The City And County Of San Francisco
Article 19L. Prohibiting Smoking At Certain Outdoor Events
Article 19M. Disclosure To Prospective Residential Tenants Of Whether A Unit Is Smoke Free Or Smoking Optional, And Informing Existing Residential Tenants Where Smoking Is Optional
Article 19N. Electronic Cigarettes - Restrictions On Sale And Use
Article 20. Alkyl Nitrites
Article 21. Hazardous Materials
Article 21A. Risk Management Program
Article 22. Hazardous Waste Management
Article 22A. Analyzing Soils For Hazardous Waste
Article 22B. Construction Dust Control Requirements
Article 23. Video Display Terminal Worker Safety
Article 24. Chlorofluorocarbon Recovery And Recycling
Article 25. Medical Waste Generator Registration, Permitting, Inspections And Fees
Article 26. Comprehensive Environmental Lead Poisoning Investigation, Management And Enforcement Program
Article 27. Health Service System Agreement
Article 28. Medical Cannabis User And Primary Caregiver Identification Cards
Article 29. Licensing And Regulation Of Massage Practitioners
Article 30. Regulation Of Diesel Backup Generators
Article 31. Hunters Point Shipyard
Article 32. Disease Prevention Demonstration Project
Article 33. Medical Cannabis Act
Article 34. Healthy Products, Healthy Children Ordinance
Article 35. Biological Agent Detectors
Article 36. Child Cough And Cold Medicine Warning Ordinance
Article 37. Trans Fat Free Restaurant Program Ordinance
Article 38. Air Quality Assessment And Ventilation Requirement For Urban Infill Residential Developments
Article 39. Commercial Dog Walking
Article 40. Safe Body Art
References to Ordinances
Ordinances Affecting the Health Code
New Ordinances