§ 2A.52. Capital Planning Committee – General Plan Referrals.  

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  • The Capital Planning Committee cannot act upon the annual capital expenditure plan, six-year capital improvement program, a capital improvement project or a long-term financing proposal such as, but not limited to, general obligation or revenue bonds or nonprofit corporation proposals until a General Plan referral report has been rendered by the Planning Department regarding conformity of the project with the General Plan. In order to complete the General Plan referral report in a timely fashion, early involvement of the Planning Department in the planning process is advised. The Planning Department is available to prepare a policy analysis report. This report will provide policy guidance for the planning and decision-making of the proposal and its alternatives.

    If the Planning Department fails to render a General Plan referral report within 45 days after receipt of such referral, unless a longer time has been granted by the Board of Supervisors, said capital improvement plan shall be deemed to be in conformity with the General Plan. Procedures for General Plan referrals as set forth in Section 2A.53 of this Code shall be applicable.

    Further, to facilitate rational prioritization of capital improvement projects over a six-year time period and within the resource and debt capacity, the Planning Department shall assist in developing a strategic plan for capital expenditures for use of the Capital Planning Committee and the Board of Supervisors.

(Added by Ord. 68-98, App. 2/26/98; amended by Ord. 75-14 , File No. 140226, App. 5/28/2014, Eff. 6/27/2014)