§ 2.30-1. Proposal To Be Submitted To The Capital Planning Committee; Report Therefrom.  

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  • Any department of the City seeking to incur general obligation indebtedness on behalf of the City shall submit a proposal meeting the requirements of Section 3.21 of this Code to the Capital Planning Committee not less than 188 days before the election at which such proposal is to be acted upon by the voters. The Board shall not place any proposal on the ballot until the Capital Planning Committee has completed its review of the proposal and submitted its recommendation to the Board in accordance with Section 3.21 of this Code.

(Added by Ord. 112-87, App. 4/24/87; amended by Ord. 495-88, App. 11/15/88; Ord. 133-99, File No. 990584, App. 5/28/99; Ord. 75-14 , File No. 140226, App. 5/28/2014, Eff. 6/27/2014)