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Administrative Code
The San Francisco Codes
Preface To The Administrative Code
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Board Of Supervisors
Chapter 2A. Executive Branch
Chapter 2B. Assessment Appeals Boards (Tax Appeal Boards)
Chapter 3. Budget Procedures
Chapter 4. City Buildings, Equipment, And Vehicles
Chapter 5. Committees
Chapter 6. Public Works Contracting Policies And Procedures
Chapter 7. Disaster Council
Chapter 8. Documents, Records And Publications
Chapter 9A. Farmers' Market
Chapter 9B. Flea Market
Chapter 10. Finance, Taxation, And Other Fiscal Matters
Chapter 10B. Special Law Enforcement And Public Works Services
Chapter 10C. Reimbursement For Towing And Storage Of Vehicles
Chapter 10E. Planning Monitoring
Chapter 10F. 1660 Mission Street Surcharge
Chapter 10G. Board Of Appeals Surcharge For Permits And Fees
Chapter 10H. Recovery Of Costs Of Emergency Response
Chapter 11. Franchises
Chapter 12. Housing Authority
Chapter 12A. Human Rights Commission
Chapter 12B. Nondiscrimination In Contracts
Chapter 12C. Nondiscrimination In Property Contracts
Chapter 12D. Minority/Women/Local Business Utilization
Chapter 12E. City Employee's Sexual Privacy Ordinance
Chapter 12F. Implementing The Macbride Principles - Northern Ireland
Chapter 12G. Prohibition On Use Of Public Funds For Political Activity By Recipients Of City Contracts, Grants, And Loans
Chapter 12H. Immigration Status
Chapter 12I. Civil Immigration Detainers
Chapter 12J. City Business With Burma Prohibited
Chapter 12K. Local Implementation Of The United Nations Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw)
Chapter 12L. Public Access To Records And Meetings Of Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 12M. Protection Of Private Information*
Chapter 12N. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Questioning Youth: Youth Services Sensitivity Training
Chapter 12O. Earned Income Credit Information
Chapter 12P. Minimum Compensation
Chapter 12Q. Health Care Accountability
Chapter 12R. Minimum Wage
Chapter 12S. Working Families Credit Program
Chapter 12T. City Contractor/Subcontractor Consideration Of Criminal History In Hiring And Employment Decisions
Chapter 12U. Sweatfree Contracting
Chapter 12V. Personal Services Minimum Contractual Rate Ordinance
Chapter 12W. Sick Leave*
Chapter 12X. Policy Making Marijuana Offenses The Lowest Law Enforcement Priority
Chapter 12Y. San Francisco Slavery Disclosure Ordinance*
Chapter 12Z. San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance
Chapter 13. Jails And Prisoners
Chapter 14. San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance
Chapter 14A. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
Chapter 14B. Local Business Enterprise And Non-Discrimination In Contracting Ordinance
Chapter 14C. California Benefit Corporation Discount
Chapter 15. Mental Health Service
Chapter 16. Officers And Employees Generally
Chapter 17. Public Off-Street Parking Facilities
Chapter 18. Payroll Procedure
Chapter 19. Community Safety Camera Ordinance
Chapter 19A. Public Health
Chapter 20. Social Services
Chapter 21. Acquisition Of Commodities And Services
Chapter 21C. Miscellaneous Prevailing Wage Requirements
Chapter 22. Radio Communication Facilities
Chapter 22A. Information And Communication Technology
Chapter 22B. Telecommunications Facilities
Chapter 22C. Public Internet Access
Chapter 22D. Open Data Policy
Chapter 23. Real Property Transactions
Chapter 23A. Surplus City Property Ordinance
Chapter 24. Redevelopment Agency
Chapter 24A. Administrative Structure Local Rent Supplement Program In The Office Of Mayor
Chapter 24B. Relocation Appeals Board
Chapter 25. Street Lighting
Chapter 26. Deemed Approved Off-Street Alcohol Use Nuisance Regulations
Chapter 27. Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program
Chapter 28. Administrative Debarment Procedure
Chapter 29. Findings Of Fiscal Responsibility And Feasibility
Chapter 29A. [Approval Of Power Plant; Planning Code Sec.
Chapter 29B. Child Care Feasibility Study For City And City-Funded Projects
Chapter 30. Centralization Of Workforce Development
Chapter 31. California Environmental Quality Act Procedures And Fees
Chapter 32. Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program
Chapter 33. Commission On The Status Of Women
Chapter 34. Notification To Assessor Concerning Zoning Reclassifications Of Property, Conditional Use Permits And Variances
Chapter 35. Residential And Industrial Compatibility And Protection
Chapter 36. Community Improvements Area Plans And Programs
Chapter 37. Residential Rent Stabilization And Arbitration Ordinance
Chapter 37A. Rent Stabilization And Arbitration Fee
Chapter 38. Commercial Landlords; Access Improvement Obligations And Notice To Small Business Tenants Regarding Disability Access
Chapter 39. Right To Return To Revitalized Public Housing
Chapter 40. Housing Code Enforcement Loan Program
Chapter 41. Residential Hotel Unit Conversion And Demolition
Chapter 41A. Residential Unit Conversion And Demolition
Chapter 41C. Time-Share Conversion Ordinance
Chapter 41D. Residential Hotel Visitor Policies
Chapter 41E. Residential Hotel Mail Receptacle Ordinance
Chapter 41F. Tourist Hotel Conversion*
Chapter 42. Industrial Development Authority
Chapter 43. Municipal Finance Law
Chapter 44. Adult Day Health Care Planning Council
Chapter 45. Jury Fees
Chapter 48. Rental Subsidy Program For Low-Income Families
Section URITY. Deposits For Residential Rental Property
Chapter 49A. Residential Tenant Communications
Chapter 49B. Residential Rental Units: Lock Replacements By Landlord When Tenants Vacate
Chapter 50. Nonprofit Performing Arts Loan Program
Chapter 51. Voluntary Arts Contributions Program
Chapter 52. San Francisco Carbon Mitigation Program
Chapter 53. Urban Agriculture
Chapter 54. Southeast Community Facility Commission
Chapter 56. Development Agreements
Chapter 57. Film Commission
Chapter 58. Right To Counsel In Civil Matters
Chapter 59. Healthy Food Retailer Ordinance
Chapter 60. Assisted Housing Preservation Ordinance
Chapter 61. Waterfront Land Use
Chapter 62. Domestic Partnerships
Chapter 63. Water Efficient Irrigation Ordinance*
Chapter 64. City Employee And City Contractor Safety And Health
Chapter 65. Rent Reduction And Relocation Plan For Tenants Inconvenienced By Seismic Work Performed Pursuant To Chapters 14 And 15 Of The San Francisco Building Code
Chapter 66. Seismic Safety Retrofit Program
Chapter 66A. Seismic Safety Loan Program
Chapter 67. The San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance Of 1999
Chapter 67A. Cell Phones, Pagers And Similar Sound-Producing Electrical Devices
Chapter 68. Cultural Equity Endowment Fund
Chapter 69. San Francisco Health Authority
Chapter 70. In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority
Chapter 71. Mills Act Contract Procedures
Chapter 72. Relocation Assistance For Lead Hazard Remediation
Chapter 74. Rent Escrow Account Program
Chapter 77. Building Inspection Commission Appeals
Chapter 78. Department Of Building Inspection Permit Tracking System
Chapter 79. Preapproval Notice For Certain City Projects
Chapter 79A. Additional Preapproval Notice For Certain City Projects
Chapter 80. Anti-Blight Enforcement Procedure
Chapter 83. First Source Hiring Program
Chapter 84. San Francisco Residential Rent Assistance Program For Persons Disqualified From Federal Rent Subsidy Programs By The Federal Quality Housing And Work Responsibility Act Of 1998 (Qhwra)
Chapter 86. Children And Families First Commission
Chapter 87. Fair Housing Implementation Ordinance
Chapter 88. Performance And Review Ordinance Of 1999
Chapter 89. Department Of Child Support Services
Chapter 90. Entertainment Commission
Chapter 90A. Promoting And Sustaining Music And Culture
Chapter 91. Language Access
Chapter 92. Real Estate Loan Counseling And Education
Chapter 93. Pregnancy Information Disclosure And Protection Ordinance
Chapter 95. Identification Cards
Chapter 96. Coordination Between The Police Department And The Office Of Citizen Complaints
Chapter 97. Healthcare Impact Reports
Chapter 98. The Better Streets Policy
Chapter 99. Public Power In New City Developments
Chapter 100. Procedures Governing The Imposition Of Administrative Fines
Chapter 105. Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee Ordinance
Chapter 115. Automated Point Of Sale Station Registration And Inspection Ordinance
Appendices: Initiative Ordinances
Appendix 1. Refuse Collection And Disposal Ordinance
Appendix 2. Regulation Of Street Railway Cars
Appendix 3. Regulating Sale Of Fresh Meat
Appendix 4. Repealed
Appendix 5. Street Artist Ordinance
Appendix 6. Ordinance Providing For The Regulation Of Taxicabs And Other Motor Vehicles For Hire
Appendix 8. Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance
Appendix 9. Jail Cost Reimbursement
Appendix 10. Park Shadow Ban
Appendix 11. Compensated Advocacy And Officeholder Accounts
Appendix 12. Planning Initiative
Appendix 13. Oil Development Moratorium
Appendix 14. Polytechnic High Rezoning
Appendix 15. Executive Park
Appendix 16. Residential Utility Tax
Appendix 17. Health Care Community Service
Appendix 18. U.S.S. Missouri Homeporting
Appendix 19. Neighborhood Beautification And Graffiti Cleanup Fund Option
Appendix 20. Waterfront Land Use
Appendix 21. Recognition Of Domestic Partnerships
Appendix 22. Ordinance Prohibiting Harassing Or Hounding Solicitation
Appendix 23. Geary Boulevard/Divisadero Street Special Use District
Appendix 23A. Residential Rent Stabilization And Arbitration Ordinance
Appendix 24. Ordinance Reforming General Assistance Program
Appendix 25. Ordinance Prohibiting Loitering At Or Near Cash Dispensing Machines
Appendix 26. Rent Control
Appendix 27. Official Newspapers
Appendix 28. Elections Task Force
Appendix 29. General Assistance Payments
Appendix 30. Ferry Building And Pier 52
Appendix 31. Neighborhood Crime Prevention
Appendix 32. Municipal Railway Audit
Appendix 33. Campaign Finance Reform
Appendix 34. Northeast China Basin Special Use District
Appendix 35. Candlestick Point Special Use District [Repealed]
Appendix 36. Sale Of Land At The Top Of Mt. Davidson Park
Appendix 37. Regulation Of Campaign Consultants
Appendix 38. Providing For The Use Of City Hall For City Governmental Business And Not For An Entertainment Center
Appendix 39. Water Consumption And Sewer Service Rates, Fees And Charges
Appendix 40. Citizens' Right-To-Know Act Of 1998
Appendix 41. Golden Gate Park Revitalization Act Of 1998
Appendix 42. The Central Freeway Replacement Project Act Of 1998
Appendix 43. Stadium Operator Admission Tax
Appendix 44. Residential Rent Stabilization And Arbitration
Appendix 45. Hotel Tax Surcharge
Appendix 46. Downtown Caltrain Station
Appendix 47. Sunshine Ordinance Of 1999
Appendix 48. Octavia Boulevard Plan
Appendix 49. Campaign Expenditure Limit
Appendix 50. Landlord/Renters Costs
Appendix 51. Taxpayer Protection Amendment Of 2000
Appendix 52. Public Financing For Supervisorial Election Campaigns
Appendix 53. San Francisco Community College District General Obligation Bonds
Appendix 54. Solar Energy Revenue Bond
Appendix 55. Citizens' General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee
Appendix 56. General Advertising Signs
Appendix 57. Medical Marijuana
Appendix 58. Withdrawing U.S. Military Personnel From Iraq
Appendix 59. Use Of Sales Tax Funds
Appendix 63. Adjusting Services And Payments To Homeless Individuals
Appendix 64. Revenue Bond Oversight Committee
Appendix 65. Use Of City Funds
Appendix 66. Child Care For Low Income Families
Appendix 67. Sales Tax For Transportation
Appendix 68. Minimum Wage
Appendix 69. Aggressive Solicitation Ban
Appendix 70. Replacement Of Diesel Buses
Appendix 71. Naming The Stadium At Candlestick Point
Appendix 72. Economic Analysis Of Legislation
Appendix 73. Initiative Ordinance Prohibiting Sale Etc. Of Firearms
Appendix 74. Policy Initiative, U.S. Military Recruiters In Schools
Appendix 75. Policy That The Mayor Appear Monthly At A Board Of Supervisors Meeting
Appendix 76. Policy Calling For The Impeachment Of President Bush And Vice President Cheney
Appendix 77. Policy Relating To The Housing Needs Of Seniors And Disabled Adults
Appendix 78. Establishing Golden Gate Park Stables Matching Fund
Appendix 79. Establishing Office Of Small Business As City Department And Creating Small Business Assistance Center
Appendix 80. Adopting A Policy To Offer Free City-Wide Wireless High-Speed Internet Network
Appendix 81. Adopting A Policy To Restrict Advertising On Street Furniture And City Buildings
Appendix 82. School Parcel Tax (Quality Teacher And Education Act Of 2008)
Appendix 83. Mixed-Use Development Project For Candlestick Point And Hunters Point Shipyard
Appendix 84. Prohibiting Elected Officials, Candidates, Or Committees They Control From Soliciting Or Accepting Contributions From Certain City Contractors
Appendix 85. Changing The Residential Rent Ordinance To Prohibit Specific Acts Of Harassment Of Tenants By Landlords
Appendix 86. Changing Real Property Transfer Tax Rates
Appendix 87. Replacing The Emergency Response Fee With An Access Line Tax And Revising The Telephone Users Tax
Appendix 88. Modifying The Payroll Expense Tax
Appendix 89. Policy Regarding Budget Set-Asides And Identification Of Replacement Funds
Appendix 90. Treatment On Demand Act (Free And Low-Cost Substance Abuse Treatment Programs)
Appendix 91. Policy Against Funding The Deployment Of Armed Forces In Iraq
Appendix 92. Policy Against Terminating Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (Jrotc) Programs In Public High Schools
Appendix 93. Candlestick Park Naming Rights
Appendix 94. Advertisements On City Property
Appendix 95. School Facilities Special Tax
Appendix 96. Budget Line Item For Police Department Security For City Officials And Dignitaries
Appendix 97. Transbay Transit Center
Appendix 98. Vehicle Registration Fee
Appendix 99. Saturday Voting
Appendix 100. Sitting Or Lying On Sidewalks (Promotion Of Civil Sidewalks)
Appendix 101. Real Property Transfer Tax
Appendix 102. Coit Tower Policy
Appendix 103. Declaration Of The City And County Of San Francisco To Limit Political Campaign Contributions And Spending And Opposes Giving Corporations Rights Entitled To Human Beings
Appendix 104. Initiative Requiring Direct Negotiations With Drug Manufacturers Regarding Drug Prices
Appendix 105. Waterfront Height Limit Right To Vote Act
References to Ordinances
Ordinances Affecting the Administrative Code
New Ordinances